What’s the Largest print could make from an iPhone photo

Apple release new iPhone models every year, we’ve found the image quality taken by iPhone camera keep improving. As a Fine Art Printer, we keep hearing the same question: “What’s the largest print I could make from an iPhone photo?” 

In fact, many people are using iPhone as their day to day camera now. In here we will focus on the largest print size we can get from iPhone regardless which model you are using.

Old photos before upgrade to new iPhone

“I have many I have many photos in my phone taken by different iPhones in the past, do I need to know the photo taken by which iPhone?”

No, we do not need to worry about which iPhone was used when the photo was taken. There is a “free” tool to help. If you are serious about photography, most likely you already have Photoshop Express Photo Editor installed in your phone. If not, just go to App Store to grab it.

Allow access to All Photos

Once the app is downloaded and installed in your iPhone, you can open Photoshop Express, don’t forget to choose “Allow access to All Photos” to easily access and edit your phone images.

After an image is opened, select the 3 “white dots” to open a dialog box. This will give you further options. Then we can select “Show Info” to see more information about the photo.

Check the number of pixels of your photo (W x H)

After “Show Info” is selected, additional information of the photo will be show on the bottom. In this example, we can see the photo file size is 7.02MB. However, the most important information is the dimension of the photo, here we know it is 2247 x 3278 pixels.

How large the print we can make from the photo without loosing in picture quality?

In most of the photo applications, we determine the print quality by “Pixel Per Inch” or “ppi”. In general we do not recommend the resolution go lower than 240 ppi, which will give you a very decent Fine Art Print quality. With this resolution, it is within an arm length print appreciation distance.

In the above example, we found the photo short side and long side are 2247 pixels and 3278 pixels respectively. We can go ahead to divide 2247 and 3278 by 240 ppi, and obtain the print dimension in inches. 

Now we know we can create a 9.4 x 13.7″ (~24 x 35cm) print Fine Art Print quality. 

The size seems smaller than I wanted, can it be larger?

The answer is “Yes”, you can print larger than this size, as long as you change your viewing distance for appreciation. This is similar concept of buying a TV in your living room. The longer distance between your sofa and TV, the larger TV you can choose. The Photo Prints are similar, the longer distance for appreciation you allow, the larger print you can create.

The recommended ppi verse viewing distance

The ideal resolution (ppi) of your print depends mostly on how far away the print is from the viewer. Here’s a chart to show you what resolution to aim for when creating your print.

Viewing DistancePixel Per Inch
0.6m / 2ft240 ppi
1m / 3.3ft180 ppi
1.5m / 5ft120 ppi
2m / 6.5ft80 ppi
3m / 10ft60 ppi
5m / 16ft30 ppi
10m / 33ft15 ppi
15m / 50ft12 ppi
50m / 160ft4 ppi
60m / 200ft3 ppi
200m / 650ft1 ppi

This is applicable to all digital photos, taken by any camera, including DSLRs or Full Frame digital cameras

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