We have received a request to translate the leaflet in English for easy reading, and here we did. In fact, we have run Print Making workshop in English or Bilingual before. If you are interested please let us know. Platinum Palladium Print Making If there was ever a form of photograph that gives you that true artistic feel, I will say it will be the Platinum/Palladium Prints. One might notice Platinum/Palladium (Pt/Pd) prints look soft compare to the other photographic materials. That is because the Pt/Pd coating does not sit on top of the paper or in a gel as we find with inkjet or other resin coated photographic paper. Since the photo sensitiser is hand coated, and the sensitiser will soak into the paper allowing the metals to remain in place when the excess coating is washed away. This also makes Pt/Pd the most archival print we know of today. As long as the paper is well kept, images themselves will last. Talking only about the Pt/Pd photos made on paper, prints that were made in the 1870’s are still available today. Just in case, this is the enrolment link for English https://bit.ly/3CjhZuO #ptpd #printmakingworkshop #hkfap #platinumpalladiumprints


New Platinum/Palladium Print Workshop 如果有一種印相形式能給您帶來真正的藝術感,那麼鉑金/鈀金就是它了。 鉑/鈀相片在 1870 年代中期獲得了專利,並且從未消失。 它提供的圖像外觀柔和、多維,在準確曝光控制下,根據所用紙張特性,您將在最終產品中獲得漂亮的棕色至灰色之獨有色調。 鉑/鈀 (Pt/Pd)相片外觀柔和的原因之一,是感光藥塗層不會像我們在噴墨或其他形式的印刷中發現的那樣位於紙的表面或樹脂塗層中。 由於使用的紙張的纖維結構,因此當多餘的感光材料被沖走時,感光材料塗層會滲入紙基,從而使金屬保持在原位。 這也使 Pt/Pd 相片成為我們今天所知道最持久保留影像的印相技術。 只要紙張得到照顧作永久保存,影像本身就會持續存在。1870 年代製作的相片今天仍然可找到。 我們的鉑金/鈀金相片製作工作坊 鉑金/鈀金相片製作工作坊可以學習到如何製作一張高質鉑金相片。參加者可由基本技考開始,體驗製作專業鉑金相片水平的機會。 鉑金/鈀金相片製作工作坊 這工作坊我們包括了裝裱元素,以深入淺出作講解裝裱技巧,最後參加者可幫自己所製作的鉑金相片作無酸裝裱,達致終的藝術呈現。 完成工作坊後,參加者能夠: 了解鉑金影像的優點; 認識製作所需的物料和步驟; 掌握感光材料手塗技巧; 數碼㡳片壓印方法及重點; 暴光所需注意事項; 完成一張屬於自己的 8 x10”鉑金相片。 每工作坊人數最多 4 人,如果報名參加者少於 2 人,工作坊將會取消,已報名參加者將順延到下一個足夠 2 人(或以上) 的工作坊舉辦日期。 主要語言為廣東話。參加者須準備自己的數碼影像,預先上載用於製作 ~ 7 x 9”以內數碼底片。 SPECTRART LIMITED 尖沙咀山林道9-11號, 卓能中心1401室 報名連結 https://bit.ly/3dM45YN #ptpd #printmakingworkshop #hkfap #鉑金鈀金相片製作工作坊 #platinumpalladiumprints


Acrylic box adds another level of protection for your artwork. You can use it for gallery wrap canvas, washi wrap, wood block or any 3D objects. It provides rigid and clear surface and provide extra protection of the artwork inside. #arcrylicbox #fineartprint #gallerywrap #washiwrap #extraprotection #plexiglass #alternativeframe #HKFAP #spectrart


此高階黑白數碼工作坊,將會對日後有關Ultimate Control of Black and White 輸出有直接的幫助


我們偶爾會遇到這個問題……我的 iPhone 照片可以打印的最大尺寸是多少? 今天另一位客戶問同樣的問題。 你是否也想知道這個問題的答案。 我們藉此機會今天更新這篇文章。 . https://bit.ly/3NRn93H . We got this question once in a while... what is the largest print my iPhone photo can make? and today another customer asking the same question. Have you ever also wanted to know the answer to this. We take this opportunity give this post an update today. . . #iphone13 #fineartprint #largestprint #photoprint #Pixelperinch #ppi #resolution #iphonecamera #mirrorless #DSLR


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