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See our Guide Price for Print and Digtial Negative

Guide prices for Palladium Prints with Digital Negative made

**No Digital Negative will be shipped with below price, the Digital Negative will be discarded after printed.

Guide prices for Platinum Palladium Prints

Image SizePaper SizeUnit Price HK$
6 x 8"8 x 10"HK$ 1,400
8 x 10"11 x 14"HK$ 1,800
9 x 12"12 x 16"HK$ 2,300
11 x 14"14 x 18"HK$ 2,800
12 x 16"16 x 20"HK$ 3,200

We can make the Digital Negative for you from your files.

We also offer service include produce high quality full size digital negatives required for the contact printing technique. 

Guide prices for Digital Negative Film

Digital Negative SizeUnit Price HK$
6 x 8"HK$ 400
8 x 10"HK$ 500
9 x 12"HK$ 600
11 x 14"HK$ 700
12 x 16"HK$ 800

Click here  for “Data Submission Methods and Recommended Image Resolution”