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We have selected our most popular Fine Art paper and classic frame options to create this “Affordable Luxury fine art” series for you. This article explains how we make it more affordable without compromise on our high quality standards.

We bring luxuries with lower price

Fine Art doesn’t has to be expensive. We lowered our price and become very affordable hope to see more people have chance to appreciate fine art and still enjoy the luxury. The DIY process can enable us to eliminate back and forth unnecessary communications, that enable us to cut the administrative cost to saving go to our customers.

We don’t compromise on quality

We have been helping many artists, photographers making art prints and high quality framing, we understand quality is important and what to do when come to high quality.

What are the options?

Artists and photographers are good at creative, know their works best. When come to paper and frame styles selection is different process. The combinations of fine art paper and frames could be confusing, very often require us to spend time on choosing and still find it difficult to make the decision.

We carefully select the most popular paper and classic frame options in the tool. We make it step-by-step, assist with pictures to help you finish your selection in few clicks.

How much you can save?

The price on each option already lower than our regular price. When you register with us to receive 20% coupon code via email, you can enter the coupon code to enjoy extra 20% off. In fact, some of them are close to 30% off because the price is lower than our regular price from beginning. Once register, simply refresh the browser

How it works? See our step-by-step video

It is easy and quick, the video show you both registration and step by step order. You can complete your Affordable Luxury frame as little as 4 minutes.

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