Our Fine Art Print paper include many brands, such as Awagami, ILFORD, PICTRAN, PICTORICO, EPSON, CANSON et.c. Paper types include Fine Art Baryta, Fine Art Cotton, Japanese Washi, Canvas, ProPhoto paper and more. 

We offer many framing styles include the Classic Passe-partout frame, Floater box frame, Perspex Reverse / Face mount, Dibond, Washi wrap and Canvas gallery wrap. 

If you are looking for something simple and elegance, the new ILFOCHROME metal print frame might be an excellent choice for you. You can even add the famous ILFORD GALERIE Frame shadow gap style to go with your ILFORCHROME metal print.

Customers’ Testimonials

Rosanne Wong

It’s a beautiful work. Your men were on time, professional and efficient. Thank you.…

Mie Meyer

Very satisfied with your work! You know the right response makes me comfortable and peace.

Alex Grioni

Excellent job! I checked the print last night when I handed it over to the recipient. Good quality. I am very satisfied!

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SPECTART is simply the best fine art printing service for producing high-end photo prints or photo paintings, in a quality worthy of the finest art galleries. It is a place where the artist and the printer become partners, and this valuable collaboration generates the best possible printed objects. Bryan possesses immense experience and expertise in professional fine art printing. And his collaborative approach with artists ensures not only results in museum-quality archival prints and fine art picture framing but caters to the artist’s individual needs. While Bryan works with some of the biggest names out there, he always has time to guide a beginner, whether during his workshops or any printing assignments. I was always fascinated by this - his commitment to quality in addition to his constant effort to simplify processes. I would highly recommend SpectArt to anyone looking for quality prints, framing and his workshops!

October 9, 2021

(Translated by Google) Recommended if you are looking for high quality and professional art print and frame services. (Original) 高品質でプロフェッショナルなアートプリントとフレームのサービスをお探しの場合はお薦めです。

Oscar Li
September 25, 2021

香港乜都有,但真係好難搵到一間同時有高印刷技術, 一流裝錶和合理既價錢的公司,而我有幸遇上. 當我要搵一間公司去制作我既作品既時候,最困難既地方係唔知裝錶有乜野可以揀,可以點襯托,而呢度可以俾到你專業意見。係個螢光幕睇相同真係制作出黎既感覺真係好唔同。誠意推介! (Translated by Google) Hong Kong has them all, but it’s really difficult to find a company with high printing technology, first-rate watch and reasonable price at the same time, and I was lucky enough to meet it. When I wanted to find a company to make my own works , The most difficult part is that you don’t know what to choose from when you install the watch, you can point it out, and you can get your professional advice. It’s a screen to see the same real system. Li Ji feels really different. Sincerely recommend!

Thomas Keenan
June 25, 2020

Look no further...you have found the best shop in Hong Kong. I have been working with Bryan and Tomoko for about half a year on a few photo projects. The first thing I would say is that Bryan really knows his printing and he has a number of the highest calibre machines in Hong Kong in his office! He can coach you to make adjustments to your work yourself, or he can help if necessary. He really cares that you are happy about the end result and will give you his very honest opinion to prevent you from making mistakes. They do a wide range of printing. Working with Bryan and Tomoko couldn't be easier - you can upload files to them directly for them to look at remotely and they can handle a lot of inquiries over the phone. In addition to great prints, they also do top class custom framing here in Hong Kong in a matter of days. I am super happy that I found SpectrArt Hong Kong Fine Art Print because they are truly professional, great value and so easy to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about their photography printing and framing. Tom Keenan

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SpectrArt HK Fine Art Print

A Print Maker and Framer. Professional FineArt Printer in Hong Kong, helps artist to select best media and frames for their art piece

真係唔好信下載的罐頭 ICC profile,就算係相同 printer model,相同紙張。真係信唔過! 始終都要要自己做。
Don't ever trust the canned ICC downloaded from website, even same printer, same paper used. Must create one by yourself!
#customprofile #colormanagement #ICCprofile #i1pro3plus #始終都要要自己做
Just 1 Neutral Grey version for all, just one!
Took different approach with QTR to print black and white photos. That will address the handicap of rigid ICC profile which need to go back and forth to edit the image, nor tweak in image dependent Advance B&W Printing control at driver level between warm and cool tones.
選用另一方法來打印黑白照片。 這將解決 ICC有欠靈活性及限制,避免了來回編輯圖像,也不需要在驅動程序的 Advance B&W Printing 改變在暖色調和冷色調灰調之間打印。
#fineartprint #fineart #photoprint #photo #blankandwhite #piezography
#HKFAP #pictran #largeformatprinting
#spectrart #cottonpaper #washi #japanesepaper #aijp #awagami #ilfordimaging #ilford 
#inkjetpaper #giclee #giclée #pigmentprint #archival
當藝術家第一次製作鉑金相片時,無酸棉紙是比較受歡迎的選擇。 纯棉相紙有幾個好處,紙比較重(~310gsm),大多數表面都經處理,使紙張在塗佈過程中更容易。 然而,一旦藝術家掌握了纯棉纸基鉑金相紙以獲得理想相片後,他們便會挑战使用日本和紙製作鉑金相片。 像大多數用於繪畫和版畫和紙。 Platinum Print使用的和紙比纯棉紙薄很多,一些可以薄至30gsm,是纯棉紙重量的1/10,由於纸基非常之薄,使到感光劑瞬間吸收,無法使用玻璃棒塗佈。 它需要花很長時間刷塗練習,才可以掌握逹到理想效果。 此鉑金相片使用 30 gsm 的 Awagami Gampi HM-5 製作成。 D-Max 約為 1.43。
When an artist first making Platinum Prints, the acid free cotton paper is the most popular choice. Cotton paper has several benefits, the paper is relatively heavy (~310gsm), most are sized to make the paper more easy to handle during coating. However, once the artist has mastered the cotton base platinum paper to obtain good prints. Often will take the challenge to the next lever with Japanese paper (Washi). Like most of the Washi for painting and wood blocking. The Washi for Platinum Print use is much thinner than cotton paper, it can be as thin as 30gsm which is 1/10 of cotton paper weight, and the sensitizer aborb by the paper instantly and make it impossible for using glass coating rod. It requires lot of practices with brush coating. This print is made with the 30gsm Awagami Gampi HM-5. D-Max at around 1.43.
#platinumpalladiumprint #fineartprint #alternativephotographyprocess #spectrart #hkfap
A Platinum Print can last for many many years.
This is a contact print made from an image taken by a medium format film camera. The uncropped image converted to digital negative for Platinum/Palladium contact printing. The black edge is the from the original negative and also printed to maintain the composition. 
#platinumpalladiumprint #alternativephotographicprocesses #mediumformat #digitalnegative #contactprinting #spectrart #platinumprint #passepartout #acidfreematboard